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By | January 27, 2018
QIC:Reluctant Yankee, Hawgcycle, Steve
PAX:RY(QIC), Hawgcycle (QIC), Steve (QIC), Bushwacker (Northshore), Shooter(Northshore), Worms, Roots (NOLA), Babyface(NOLA), Jingle Vader(NOLA), TigerBait, Cat-5, TP (Houston), Mega-Dad, Fastball, Workhorse, Neckbrace, Rocket, Wizard, FNG - Bow Down, FNG Money Cat, FNG - 2 Shoes,

Like a Mommy Hyena hearing her pups call in the night – I was forced to hand off my Mothership Q for a chance at 15 minutes of fun in the Red Stick.  I knew those guys were in the capable burpee filled hands of FRACSAC.  Thanks Frac for taking my NOLA Q.

Alarm clock popped at 445am.


Park and wait.  515am

A quick iced coffee from Morning Call – a little FOMO at the post Mothership coffeeteria in that exact spot in 3 hrs.

Clown car:  Jingle Vader, and Babyface and YHC.  Hawg decided to fly solo.   Hawg posted last night that he expected 30 guys to post – I was worried he had a line on the 30 guys and was trying to figure out riding situations.

1 hr drive.  Good convo with the other clowns.

620am stop at Walmart for towels.  Steady rain now – lack of driver preparation.

650am arrive at AO.

Upon arrival there are 4 Shovel Flags planted.  Some reunions – and 21 PAX settle in for Red Stick beatdown!

Baton Rouge wins the award for the most unusual dress code:  in attendance today – lots of pants, parkas, raincoats, turtle neck, 2 pairs of jeans, did i see jorts?, steel toed shoes, and the monkey feet shoes.  Stay Classy Baton Rouge!

Jingle Vader brought a 5th flag.  Baton Rouge flag, Houston Flag, Pontiff Flag, Uptown Flag, and a Northshore flag!

700am Hawgcycle started the show with a little shock and awe.  YHC was looking forward to a 10-9-8 descending Burpee count but that is OBTs shock and awe.  Hawgs shock and awe always does 10 burpees.  (Hate)

First pearl – SSH x 31 *not 30 because of Wally Pontiffs number, burpees x 10, Imperial Walkers x 25, burpees x 10,  windmill x 10, burpees x 11, Tiger Bait Q’d an over head clap x 15, Worms Q’d SSH x 15, burpees x 10,  Mega Dad Q’d pistol squats right leg x 10, left leg x 10, burpees x 5 Along the way during this circle.  During windmills – I may have hiked up my shorts a bit so that Rudy could notice my quads.  (I wonder if he did?)

**2018 is the year of the clap according to Hawg he wants to give the burpee clap to everyone in F3.  Good luck with that brother.

715am Long mosey to down to the base of a big hill.  Partner up .  Partner one goes up the hill backwards twice.  Partner 2 does AMRAP squats.  Then flapjack.  Then Partner 1 does goes up the hill backwards twice and Partner 2 does merkins AMRAP.   **Hawg split at this point.  Slippery on the hill…Kind of made it fun.   At one point f3 – Mega Dad called me out for not cresting the hill.  I laughed because it wasn’t a modification just me being lazy.  Next time up the hill I made sure to crest the hill with authority.  That is why I love F3 – the accountability — MegaDad was teasing but he was right.  We can always hold each other to that level.  If it is a modify that is one thing, if it is whiskey dicking then push yourself!

From here we mosey’d to the sundial.

730am At the sundial we did step ups-left x 15, dips x 20, step ups -right x 15, declined merks (dirkins) 10 oyo, here ROOTS with his excellent cadence got us doing Power Ups x 20 left, Power Ups x 20 right.

740am Hand off to STEVE.

Steve long mosey’d us to the baseball field across Highland Road.  He divided us into 4 groups.

Group 1 25 burpees at homeplate (the count)   Group 2 Peter Parkers -amrap    Group 3 Plank Jacks – amrap   Group 4 – Squat Jumps – amrap

home to 1st – bear crawl, 1st to 2nd – duck walk , 2nd to 3rd crab crawl, and 3rd to home – bunny hop.  A little mini-animals on parade or NOAH’s Ark in the RAIN.

The rain really hit hard during the baseball field!  Good stuff from Steve and a good way to show BR all of the awesome stuff to keep in the F3 bag of tricks.

748am Final mosey up the hill to the Flags.  At the final circle we still had 5 minutes so I explained the concept of 6min of Mary (6mom).

755 am Jingle Vader led us in the Russian Twist x 20 and the Dr W x 10.  Damn that Dr W.

Our final exercise of the F3 Baton Rouge launch was led by our guest from Texas.  F3 Houston’s TP led us in OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Mary.  An awesome exercise that I had never seen.  Will add it to my next NOLA Q.  and  a great way to FINISH!   Legs make a long circle while the Q says O Mary.  The count happens at the bottom – a goofy cadence but fun!  TP Tclaps for the gift!

8am COT – Great prayer led by Shooter.  Thanks for the inspiring words brother (Tclaps).  We named FNG two shoes, FNG money cat, and FNG bow down.  So cool that this launch had reps from NOLA, Northshore, and Houston.  PAX headed to Franks for coffeeteria.  Nice spot for food-beats Starbucks.

Excited for F3 Baton Rouge.  I hope it works.  You have been planted – it is up to you guys to make it grow.  You should try to add a weekday workout at a totally different AO soon.   Every guy who is posting needs to EH someone to join you in the gloom.  That growth will keep new ideas, energy and excitement at the workouts.    Don’t be nice with nicknames – workhorse and fastball got off easy.  Its OK to twist the knife a little.  Neck brace mentioned he would like a name change and at breakfast Roots came up with DOLLAR COLLAR.  I like that new one too.

830am Franks

945am back on the road to NOLA

1040am drop off Babyface and JV

11am show up at the hizzy

Good luck BR – make it happen we are all counting on you guys.






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