Merkin Madness and Frozen SeaMan

By | January 27, 2018
PAX:Angie's List, Bad Moon, Bartman, Cavalier, Da Parish, Douille, El Wire, Gabrielle, Reluctant Yankee, Rev-It, Saban, Sandbar, Seaman, Tito, Tinkles, Walleye (QIC)

Bartman informed the Pax halfway through the gloom that frozen Seaman will last forever. True. Strange, but true. I’m not sure what question lead to this strange revelation, but true. So, anyway… YHC was a little nervous for my virgin Q at Wolfpack Mountain. Then I rolled in 1 minute late to a Pax of 16 men anxiously awaiting their beatdown in the gloom. Aye-yi-yi. Sorry to keep you waiting, my brothers.

But safety first! We made time for the usual disclaimer, and off we go. We made a slow-mosey loop down St. Charles Avenue to end at the beautiful lawn in front of Loyola. Even after the freeze, it’s still some of the best grass Uptown. Circle up for the first COP:

SSH x 20 IC
Imperial Walkers x 20 IC
Low slow squats x 20 IC
Windmills x 10 IC
Arm Circles 10 forward, 10 backward IC
Mountain Climbers x 20 IC

Next we mosey to the bottom of Wolfpack Mountain for Animals Up the Mountain. What better place for Animals on Parade than Wolfpack Mountain??? Well, this was met with several groans, and as it turns out, there may be better places for this than a parking garage. But we must press on!
We ran up the garage, and did animal walks at each end of each parking level.
Floor 2: bear crawl
Floor 3: crab crawl
Floor 4: plank walks (OK, OK, not an animal, but whatever)
Floor 5: duck walks
Floor 6: frog jumps

The top of Wolfpack Mountain is the best part of this location for YHC and many of the Pax. On this day, we will use this beautiful spot to alternate between Mary and Merkins. 2nd COP:

Merkins x 10 IC
Flutter kicks x 20 IC
Left-arm staggered Merkins x 10 IC
Hello Dolly x 20 IC
Right-arm staggered Merkins x 10 IC
Single-leg V-ups x 10 IC
Left-leg cross-over Merkins x 10 IC
Penguins x 20 IC
Right-leg cross-over Merkins x 10 IC

Down the mountain we go to the park benches on the Quad. Everybody grab a bench.
Left-leg Power-Ups x 20 IC
Dips x 20 IC
Right-leg Power-Ups x 20 IC
Decline Merkins x 10 IC

Mosey back to the great lawn and partner up. One partner lunges across the lawn and back while the other partner holds a regular plank, left arm plank, and right arm plank. 2 sets, and we are out of time.

Run back to the flag. Count off, Name-o-rama (apologies to Sandbar for calling him the wrong name in my oxygen deprived sate), announcements, intentions, and a prayer. A shaky start and a shaky ending, but we got it done in the middle! Thank you for letting me lead!


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