Baton Rouge has a name! “The Knoll”

By | February 4, 2018
QIC:Fastball and Rocket
PAX:12 all local men, no out of towner visitors today

The Scene:  The Knoll

PAX: 12 — Rocket, Worms, Cat5, Workhorse, MoneyCat, Two Shoes, Bow Down, Fastball, MegaDad, FNG, FNG, FNG

Conditions: 35 degrees. A lot of clouds. A little breeze. Chance of rain? Never.




*Worms took a pic

First day back after official launch. It’s Super Bowl Saturday, so we celebrated accordingly. We also celebrated global warming (cause its still cold in BR) and the winter Olympics.

  • Capri Lap – a little mosey.
  • Annie’s – 10X each arm
  • Al Gores – 10X.
  • Nancy Kerrigan’s -10x each leg. Go Merica
  • Bobby Hurley’s – 15x
  • Side Straddle Hops – 20x
  • Burpees – 5 on own – We did the clap, Hawgcycle.

*Worms took some pictures

The Thang: 

The PAX moseyed to sundial. Formed circle and performed Global Warming (i.e. Al Gores and moving in a circle in unison). During movement, we also threw in 15 merkins, 20 Bobby Hurley’s, and 10 more merkins.

*Rocket gave us a countdown. I was wheezing a little.

Stayed at sundial and worked the pecs and tris.

  • 15 merkins
  • 10 freak nasty
  • 15 incline merkins
  • 10 freak nastys

*Worms may have taken some more pics.

Mosey’d to the football field. Bow Down, dressed in shorts and tee, was finally warm.

We partnered up.

One partner planked at goal line, the other partner did sprint/fast run 110 yds to other goal post.  Jogged back. We called them One Tens. Once back, partner switched and we washed, rinse, repeated. Our goal was 5 (each) plus 1, cause of Tom Brady’s super bowl rings.  We did 5. So, bet on the Eagles. Sorry, Giselle.  (I raced MegaDad on #5. He won. No excuses, but something wasn’t right (deflated?). I’ll get him next time.)

*Worms met a fella

Another mosey to warm-a-rama spot. We did tunnel of love.  Each person stands across from a partner forming tunnel with their arms.  One man bear crawls through the tunnel to the end and gets in position.  We go all the way thru until everyman has felt the love.

*Worms took some more pics.


Rocket led us for the 6 min Mary.

  • LBCs 20x
  • Jane Fondas – 10x each leg
  • ABCs – We laid on our backs with legs elevated and (tried to) write the alphabet with our feet. We did a few. But the PAX called out numbers, letters, strange grunts, and many were writing in short hand. Rocket stopped the misery.
  • Double Mountain Climbers – 10x – My ab either loved or hated this one. Hard to tell really
  • Mountain Climbers – 10x – FNG said these were Shangeauxs. Or maybe he said something else.  But it sounded like shangeauxs.
  • OOOO Marys – 10x. Thanks TP from Houston.

*Worms definitely took some more pics. Maybe a video or two.



Welcome – Shangeaux, Nancy the Destroyer (T-Claps for being out there with a new knee), and Gadwood



*The fella Worms met showed up for the COT. Our next FNG?



  • We’re meeting at Kenilworth Park on Wednesday at 5:30am.
  • At Coffeeteria we named our AO The Knoll.



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