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well, hello mr. turtle!

By | February 5, 2018
Categories:Backblasts Northshore
PAX:Bushwacker, Captain Sparkles, Shooter, Turtle

I, and many of my F3 brethren, have rolled in hot at the last minute, but never have I pushed the boundaries so far as to be tardy! Fortunately,  between my text and flashing of brights from blocks away, Captain Sparkles and Shooter knew to wait for the Wacker.  We pre-thanged a quick 2 mile… Read More »

The Loop is in play

By | February 5, 2018
PAX:Reluctant Yankee, Da Parish, Triple Shift, Heisenberg, Fracksack, Bongo, Out for Justice, JV, Walleye, Smooth, Kimchi, Tool, The Pusher, Bogey(QIC)

Disclaimer…. Warm up: SSH X 30 Abe Vigoda X 15 L/S/Squats X 25 AC X 10F/10B IW X 25 Now the Loop: Break into Pax of 3.  One of the Pax to the Great Lawn; One of the Pax to the Fountain; Third member runs from Fountain to Lawn; Guy at lawn then runs to… Read More »