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Olympics @ The Knoll

By | February 17, 2018
PAX:Rocket, Shangeaux, Dagwood, Worms, Cat5, MoneyCat, Bow Down, Two Shoes, Snack Pack, Tiger Bait, FNG

The Scene:  The Knoll Conditions: 66 or so. Best day yet. Still muddy. Welcome Disclaimer Warm-a-Rama: In honor of the winter Olympics, we did our own F3 Winter Olympic beat down (kinda). Capri Lap – a little mosey. Nancy Kerrigans – 10x Dutch Skates – 10x. I’m positive no one medaled in this one. Side Straddle… Read More »

Love Potion #9

By | February 14, 2018
PAX:Fastball, Rocket, Shangeaux, Dagwood, Workhorse

The Scene: The Coliseum Conditions: 60 degrees or so. Always muddy. Welcome Disclaimer Warm-a-Rama: It’s Valentine’s Day, so we set the mood and warmed up together. · Capri Lap – a little mosey. Ran past football field to other parking lot. · High Knees – · Butt Kicks · Carioca · Side Straddle Hops –… Read More »

F3 Baton Rouge, AO#2. Perkins Road Park, 2-7-2018, 5:30AM

By | February 7, 2018
Categories:Backblasts Baton Rouge
QIC:CAT5 and Rocket
PAX:Jiffy from Birmingham AO, Worms,, Rocket Shangeaux, Gabriel, Workhorse, CAT5, and Fastball. 8 men

  This is our first meeting for the AO#2 in Baton Rouge.   ALL had a fine experience in the dark gloom at 0530 this morning.    Several new and exciting exercises this morning. Thanks to CAT5 for the creativity! Not so used to running in the dark like this but it was fun. Tried to… Read More »

Baton Rouge has a name! “The Knoll”

By | February 4, 2018
QIC:Fastball and Rocket
PAX:12 all local men, no out of towner visitors today

The Scene:  The Knoll PAX: 12 — Rocket, Worms, Cat5, Workhorse, MoneyCat, Two Shoes, Bow Down, Fastball, MegaDad, FNG, FNG, FNG Conditions: 35 degrees. A lot of clouds. A little breeze. Chance of rain? Never. Welcome Disclaimer Warm-a-Rama: *Worms took a pic First day back after official launch. It’s Super Bowl Saturday, so we celebrated accordingly. We… Read More »

F3 Baton Rouge or Bayon Rouge – It is finally official – Noah’s Ark

By | January 27, 2018
QIC:Reluctant Yankee, Hawgcycle, Steve
PAX:RY(QIC), Hawgcycle (QIC), Steve (QIC), Bushwacker (Northshore), Shooter(Northshore), Worms, Roots (NOLA), Babyface(NOLA), Jingle Vader(NOLA), TigerBait, Cat-5, TP (Houston), Mega-Dad, Fastball, Workhorse, Neckbrace, Rocket, Wizard, FNG - Bow Down, FNG Money Cat, FNG - 2 Shoes,

Like a Mommy Hyena hearing her pups call in the night – I was forced to hand off my Mothership Q for a chance at 15 minutes of fun in the Red Stick.  I knew those guys were in the capable burpee filled hands of FRACSAC.  Thanks Frac for taking my NOLA Q. Alarm clock… Read More »

Backblast, Baton Rouge, Dec. 23, 2017

By | January 15, 2018
PAX:Fastball, Rocket, Propeller Head, Wizard, Hoosier Daddy

12-23-17 Josh Black Fastball Rocket. Dirk Higginbotham, Rocket Devon Lajaunie, Propeller head Kevin McCarty, Wizard Darin-Hoosier-Daddy Travis Mosey to central brick circle Shoulder tap. Get in Plank position. Rest on left hand only. Touch rt shoulder with right hand. Do left side. Squats Ballerinas – Toe Squats Mary Al Gore Alabama butt kickers Mosey around… Read More »

F3 BatonRouge laughs at the cold 30F

By | January 13, 2018
QIC:Rocket and Fastball
PAX:Megadad, Worms, Rocket, Fastball, Propeller Head, Workhorse

7 locals whip the ice, and the cinder block COUPONS! Pax CAT5 Megadad Worms Rocket Fastball Propeller Head Workhorse Co-Qed by Fastball and Rocket.  They took the lead today and ran with it to the touchdown. Cool. Round 1. Arm Circle Forward. Arm Circle Backward. Side straddle hop. Forward lunge. Side straddle hop. Reverse lunge.… Read More »

Backblast Baton Rouge, Dec. 30, 2017

By | January 7, 2018
PAX:Wizard, Rocket, Megadaddy, Hoosier-Daddy, Worms, Fastball,

1 Kevin McCarty, Wizard 2 Dirk Higginbotham, Rocket 3 Megadaddy, David Mustain (CB&I) 4 Hoosier-Daddy, Darin Travis 5 Worms, Bill Bass 6 Fastball, Josh Black (CB&I) Q: Worms and Darin co-leading mostly. Worms asked the group to consider being the Q and to consider exercises they would personally like to do today. Everyone had at… Read More »

Backblast Dec. 23, 2017. Highland Road Park, Baton Rouge, La

By | January 7, 2018
QIC:Worms and Hoosier-Daddy
PAX:F3 of Baton Rouge

Roughly 30 degrees at 7:00! Men posting today: Josh Black,  Fastball Rocket,  Dirk Higginbotham. Rides the Ducati rocket. Devon Lajaunie, Propeller head Kevin McCarty, the Wizard Darin Travis, Hoosier-Daddy Bill Bass, Worms 7:00AM starting time around the F3 Shovel Flag Mosey to central brick circle Shoulder tap.   Get in Plank position.  Rest on left hand… Read More »