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F3 Baton Rouge or Bayon Rouge – It is finally official – Noah’s Ark

By | January 27, 2018
QIC:Reluctant Yankee, Hawgcycle, Steve
PAX:RY(QIC), Hawgcycle (QIC), Steve (QIC), Bushwacker (Northshore), Shooter(Northshore), Worms, Roots (NOLA), Babyface(NOLA), Jingle Vader(NOLA), TigerBait, Cat-5, TP (Houston), Mega-Dad, Fastball, Workhorse, Neckbrace, Rocket, Wizard, FNG - Bow Down, FNG Money Cat, FNG - 2 Shoes,

Like a Mommy Hyena hearing her pups call in the night – I was forced to hand off my Mothership Q for a chance at 15 minutes of fun in the Red Stick.  I knew those guys were in the capable burpee filled hands of FRACSAC.  Thanks Frac for taking my NOLA Q. Alarm clock… Read More »

Troubled Obstacle Course

By | December 4, 2017
PAX:Kimchi, Bongo, Frack Sack, Terabite, Triple Shift, HogCycle (Winner), Splash, Joe Dirt, Tool, Rudy, Walleye, Nih, Captain Sparkles, Brick Master, Tourge The Goal is 4 rounds we fell short we. We will be back The goals is to complete a 5k plus 1,000 reps in under a hour adding a video that has all the details on rounds and Reps. Next time planing on swapping Bur-pee Broad Jumps for walking lunges Have a great week. … Read More »

Back to the Weekend

By | September 13, 2017
PAX:Torque, Kimchi, Mathlete, Terabyte, Brickmaster-FNG

So, Troubled Waters is back on a Saturday only schedule, which is a little disheartening to YHC.  I really enjoyed the weekday beatdowns, but alas, attendace has diminished and EH’ing had not filled the void that was left.  I hope we can get back on a weekly schedule soon, but until then, we beatdown on… Read More »

Then There Were Three

By | August 24, 2017
PAX:Joe Dirt, Nih

The attendance at Troubled Waters is equal parts suffering and sustaining.  We lost a faithful weekly member when Kimchi got accepted to Ptech school and got another one when Nih was EH’d.  We still need to invite some new people, so please be EH’ing folks.  EVERYONE NEEDS to be healthier and more disciplined!   Came… Read More »

Ready Player One

By | August 17, 2017

Well this has nothing to do with the novel or the upcoming movie Ready Player One. No this has to do with having one player today at the “playstation” and the “xbox” (the jury is still out on this name for the tennis courts). Anyway it works for today. 0530 came around and YHC was ready to… Read More »

Pulling a Shorty? Almost!

By | August 15, 2017

YHC awoke Tuesday morning at 0527 for the 0530 beatdown at TW. The battle for fartsacking began in the brain. This battle was short due to the fact I knew other PAX was going to be there under the bridge. YHC was coming in HOT! Then what I saw disappointed in myself. There was no… Read More »

The 300

By | August 10, 2017
Categories:Destrehan New Orleans
QIC:Joe dirt
PAX:Torque, kimchi, joe dirt

Among the threat of weather, 3 dedicated pax made it out to the AO dependent upon the concrete umbrella. However typical LA sky q fartsacked again out of nowhere, *cough* chipper *cough* shorty, so things worked out for the best. Warm up -ssh x 20 -imperial walkers x 20 -windmills x 20 -armcircles x 20… Read More »