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Pre-Mardi Paws Beat Down!

By | February 17, 2018
Categories:Backblasts Northshore
PAX:Shooter, Steve, THE Manny (QIC), Turbo Tax, Water Pik

With port-o-potties, white tents, and police barricades surrounding the AO, the 5 Pacs that showed up knew that a post Mardi Gras parade was coming, so let’s get this beat down started. Warmarama 21’s- Q starts off exercise in cadence up to 5. From there, everyone is quite as a church mouse. All pacs need… Read More »

Who Wants it. Earn it!!!

By | February 16, 2018
QIC:Captain Sparkles
PAX:Steve, Shooter, Bushwacker & Captain Sparkles

Well after EIEI getting me all excited about him and a unknowing Shooter Running an extra 6.2 after our regularly scheduled 10K. Only 4 of our Seal Team 6 showed up for the 10K Friday with Captain Sparkles setting an example getting there a few min. Early to get in an extra mile thinking some… Read More »

No show Tortoise and The Hares!!

By | February 15, 2018
Categories:Backblasts New Orleans Northshore
QIC:Shooter (by default)
PAX:Backdraft, Low Brass, Shooter

Awoke this morning to heavy morning dew and fog lingering. Decided to get in a little pre-thang before the Scramble to make sure I keep pace with the rest of the Northshore Gazelles. Challenges seem to bring the best out of these men and the RRR has surly sparked some impressive numbers thus far. As… Read More »

Valentine’s Day Massacre

By | February 14, 2018
Categories:Backblasts Northshore
PAX:Grundy, Shooter, Steve (QIC), Tanked Up, Turbo Tax

Madness has officially descended upon the Northshore PAX.  At first, it was easy to blame Captain Sparkles and Bushwacker, who, like tyrannical taskmasters, drove the PAX to run ever-increasing distances.  But eventually we must all shoulder the blame for the insanity, with Shooter, EiEi, and YHC taking things a step too far ourselves, going as… Read More »

No Batman, All Robin (with a little bit of Voltron)

By | February 13, 2018
Categories:Backblasts Northshore
QIC:Round Robin
PAX:Bushwacker, THE Manny, Shooter, Steve

If ever any of you guys watched cartoons in the mid eighties (or 2010’s as it’s been remade), you may remember Voltron: Defender of the Universe! This precursor to the Power Rangers idea of separate robots fighting bad guys then combining to form a badass robot to take on the main villain was playing nostalgically… Read More »

Modified Monday Marsh

By | February 12, 2018
Categories:Backblasts New Orleans Northshore

The Q decided to rise a little earlier to get some miles in by running to the AO. As I arrived to an empty court I could only wonder if this would be a beatdown of loneliness or if more brothers would be arriving. 0505 and no one in sight so the lone Q decided… Read More »

The Mande Monkey-Humpers

By | February 10, 2018
PAX:Bushwacker, Chewy, The Manny, Mash, Ocho, Shooter, Steve (QIC), Tanked Up

Our regularly scheduled Saturday foreplay became irregular this morning, with both Shooter and Bushwacker respecting the time a little too much, misremembering the start time as 0600 rather than 0610.  A bewildered Tanked Up watched from his car as PAX would randomly show up and take off in different directions.  This “respecting the time” would become… Read More »

High Hopes for 1000

By | February 9, 2018
QIC:Captain Sparkles
PAX:Shooter, Bushwacker & Captain Sparkles

Well with high hopes of the Northshore shining like the North Star Standing out from the rest. I think the simple fact that other pax logging all kinds of miles including bike miles makes it hard for a strictly running pax to shine. No matter this F3 hopefull still would like to see that 1000… Read More »

Can there ever really be too much foreplay?

By | February 7, 2018
PAX:Carpool, Choppa, Pelican, Shooter, Steve (QIC), Turtle

We could get the M’s to weigh in on this one, but YHC believes we all know the answer: there can never be too much foreplay, so long as it doesn’t interfere with the thang.  The PAX clearly agrees, with Shooter now traveling on foot to AO’s, Carpool continuing his streak of foreplay before each… Read More »

*Workout of the Underground F3 Renegades*

By | February 6, 2018
Categories:Backblasts Northshore
QIC:Captain Sparkles
PAX:Bushwacker, Captain Sparkles

This is a broadcast of the clandestine underground F3 network: AO: Planet Fitness QIC: Captain Sparkles PAX: Bushwacker, Captain Sparkles This movement is not so much a resistance as an addendum; iron sharpening iron while lifting iron! Thang: Tapping a few ISI moves from late last year, we performed a regression of merkins and sit… Read More »