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2/19/2018 Mon Mid City Rock City Bogey
2/19/2018 Mon Uptown The Skinny Gabrielle
2/19/2018 Mon Northshore Milestone Marsh Steve
2/20/2018 Tue Mid City 610 Stomp
2/20/2018 Tue Northshore Grandmas House
2/21/2018 Wed Uptown The Birdcage Chiquita
2/21/2018 Wed Mid City NOLA Foundry Out For Justice
2/21/2018 Wed Northshore The Gipper Shooter
2/22/2018 Thu Lakefront Okwata
2/22/2018 Thu Northshore The Scramble Captain Sparkles
2/23/2018 Fri Uptown Wolfpack Mt. Mulligan
2/23/2018 Fri Mid City Uptowner HVAC
2/23/2018 Fri Northshore Captain's Cove The Manny
2/24/2018 Sat Mid City The Mother Ship Reluctant Yankee
2/24/2018 Sat Northshore Steve
2/26/2018 Mon Mid City Rock City Amnesty
2/26/2018 Mon Uptown The Skinny Eighty-Six
2/26/2018 Mon Northshore Milestone Marsh Butt Splice
2/27/2018 Tue Mid City 610 Stomp
2/27/2018 Tue Northshore Grandmas House Shooter
2/28/2018 Wed Uptown The Birdcage Brown Bag
2/28/2018 Wed Mid City NOLA Foundry
2/28/2018 Wed Northshore The Gipper Turbo
3/1/2018 Thu Lakefront Okwata
3/1/2018 Thu Northshore The Scramble Shooter
3/2/2018 Fri Uptown Wolfpack Mt. Tito
3/2/2018 Fri Mid City Uptowner
3/2/2018 Fri Northshore Captain's Cove Bushwacker
3/3/2018 Sat Mid City The Mother Ship Bongo
3/3/2018 Sat Northshore Bushwacker