Challenge Accepted

By | February 1, 2018
PAX:Burgundy, Bushwacker, Carpool, Pelican, Shooter, Steve (QIC), Water Pik

Having an entire month with no ISI challenge seemed to be a challenge in and of itself for the Northshore PAX.  These guys don’t want a month off.  So when Hawg finally issued the February ‘Run Ranger Run’ challenge, the PAX was tripping over itself to register and get started.  Chaos ensued.  ‘Who is Anonymous?’  ‘Can we run 1000 miles instead of 565?’ ‘And what the hell is the Pelican’s real name?’  Luckily, Bushwacker took his machete to all the red tape and logistics (sound effect please), clearing a path this morning to simply log some miles.

So it was not all that surprising that seven PAX came ready to hit the pavement.  What was surprising, though, was to arrive a few minutes early and find Carpool loitering around City Hall with no car in sight and already sweating.   (It’s no wonder the police tailed the gang down to Sunset Point!)    Nah, nothing nefarious here, it was just Carpool – having said aloud that he’d shoot for 70 miles this month – living up to his word.  T-claps to him for logging an extra four miles by saving some gas and running to the AO.

No warm-up today, just straight to the mosey.  This morning we’d do an extra lap around the loop, adding a few extra tenths so that those of us hitting the Cove tomorrow might log an even (cumulative) 10 miles.  PAX ran somewhere around an 8:55 pace, giving us a decent chunk of time for my new favorite Scramble AMRAP: 5 pull-ups, 10 merkins, 15 squats.  Over and over and over, ad nauseam.  Literally.

Countdown, nameorama, and Burgundy prayed us out.  Thanks for the nice run gents!

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