610 Stomp and Crawl

By | February 6, 2018
PAX:Rudy, Smooth, Cowbell, My Pleasure (Raleigh), Minnesota (FNG)

YHC arrived at City Park to find 2 strangers in the gloom – My Pleasure (from Raleigh) and an FNG he brought with him.  Coming from Raleigh to bring an FNG to the stomp – NICE WORK!

Today’s workout: 30 minute out-and-back along the bayou, meet at the track for some extra work.

Smooth and Cowbell set the pace, and we managed to knock out 3.5 miles in 7:45 pace.  Thanks for pushing me guys.

Back at the track, we circled up for:

  • SSH x25
  • Bear Crawl out (30-40 yards), Crab Walk back
  • Peter Parker x25
  • Walk Crab out, Crawl Bear back
  • IW x25
  • Sprint out, 20 Derkins, Sprint Back
  • Floyd Mayweather x25
  • Frog Jump out, Squat x20, Sprint Back

Mosey back to the flag for some final Mary

  • Flutter Kick x25
  • Dolly x25

Circle Up to introduce our FNG to the 2nd and 3rd Fs.  Named “Minnesota”, as he reported that as the original home of his wife before remembering that it wasn’t Minnesota, it was Kentucky.  Two states that sound like, look like, and are right next to each other.  Sorta.  Or not.  His “Minnesota Missus”….

Gentlemen, thank you for the opportunity to lead!

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